At this point, you know what your audience Knows and what the Need to know. You've got a handle on their Opinion and remember that they need to be rig...View Details

I didn't recognise the number but I was expecting a call and thus began another 5 minute rude interruption. We all get them. We all hate them. And yet...View Details

Have you ever sat in a presentation and successfully listened to everything that the speaker shared, remembered what was essential and acted on the in...View Details

What do they Know? Let's start with asking what do your audience already know about you and your topic? There are two extreme dangers here: 1. Assumpt...View Details

If there's one complaint I hear about a leader’s skills from their boss or their HR, it's that they don't adjust their communication for their audienc...View Details

Coaching is About Change

“There are no such things as wrong turns, Only paths we never knew we were supposed to take.” Proverb AdvantEdge Coaching is about change “Change is t...View Details

The Paradox of Potential

On Becoming All That You Can Be

I vividly remember my school Term Report from my Art teacher: “John shows no potential whatsoever for Art.”

I kne...View Details

Most people, most of the time, allow life to happen to them.

“Life is difficult” begins M. Scott Peck in the ‘70s classic “The Road Less Travelled”...View Details

I’m going to explain how performance is unleashed using the AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System model. Performance happens when three things a...View Details

Benefits of AI in Talent Acquisition   A recruitment partner based in Shanghai told me that they now typically receive 260 (new) applications for an o...View Details

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